The state-of-the-art football wearable tech that empowers coaches at all levels to measure their squad performance with 16 metrics.

Track your squads with INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards and access centralised team dashboards with data visualisation, trends and more to take your teams to the next level.

Sync Your Sessions

Monitor your squad performance with the centralised INSAIT JOY TEAM app that syncs up all your player’s data from multiple INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards. Two ways to sync your squad sessions:

  • Coach-led

    Coach charges, distributes and syncs all devices via INSAIT JOY TEAM, allowing each device to be used by different players from different squads. Perfect for clubs that want to keep the devices at their control.

  • Player-led

    Players sync their own devices with INSAIT JOY app and submit session metrics to the coach dashboard. Perfect for situations when some players have their own INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards.

Manage Your Squads

Manage all squads and devices easily with INSAIT JOY TEAM. Schedule your sessions to inform your players with upcoming training and matchday sessions by notification in the INSAIT JOY app.  

Performance Insights

Get an insight of your squad performance during training or matches with 16 key metrics including distance covered, sprint distance, max speed and left/right-foot usage, to understand the areas for improvement.


Analyse and improve your players over time. View individual metrics, trends and compare your players to develop your team, optimize your training arrangements and maximise squad performance.

    Individual performance reports, team session reports, player comparison, trends...

    ...and many other new features coming soon!

    • JOIN

      Get your coach license to start managing your squads, devices and sessions in INSAIT JOY TEAM. Invite players to register in INSAIT JOY app and join the squad to get data-driven feedbacks.

    • PLAY & SYNC

      Train or play as usual while INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards will measure performance of your players during the session. Then sync up data from all INSAIT JOY devices after the session using coach-led or player-led methods.


      Get an insight of your squad performance with visualised data, trends and more to maximise performance over time.


    For Parents

    Improve communication between coaches and the parents through data tracking, meanwhile helping families to create meaningful, digitalized records of their children's progresses and achievements throughout their football journey.

    For Players

    Use comparison tools and reports to provide immediate, tangible and data-driven feedbacks to your players and motivate them to deliver results. Players can register player accounts in INSAIT JOY app or INSAIT JOY TEAM to see how they perform during training and matchdays.

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