Interactive Football Trainer

INSAIT JOY Smart Football

Revolutionary smart football that integrates sensor tech and connects to your mobile phone to track ball movements with AI-powered algorithms. Improve your ball control and technical skills with various gamified and interactive drills, and take your game to the next level. Official Size 4 and Size 5 available.

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  • INSAIT JOY tracks every ball movement with embedded, highly accurate sensors and connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Smart Football is recharged wirelessly with up to 7 hours battery life.

  • Seamless surface and premium bladder material deliver an excellent ball feeling, while our exclusive and patented smart ball design keeps the roll and flight characteristics unchanged even with sensor technology inside the ball.

  • The ball is IP67 water resistant, with a solid structural patent that easily withstands 8000 times intensive impact tests (4 times of FIFA match ball standards) without changing the size or shape or damaging interior electronics.    

Interactive Drills

Connect to your INSAIT JOY Smart Football and improve your skills and ball control with guided, practical drills from INSAIT JOY app. All drills are designed with video tutorials and immediate in-app feedbacks, and can be done anywhere at any time, with minimum space available.

Start from Beginner level drills to build up the fundamentals. Improve your skills with Advanced drills then guide your self-improvement to the Expert level and dominate the competition!

  • Roll Taps

    Practice pulling the ball with the sole of your foot and improve your body coordination.

  • Juggle

    Master the art of juggling and improve your ball control.

  • Pull a Vee II

    Adjust behind the ball to create space for shooting or long-range passes.

and much more...

Football Connected

Take a V-log with the in-app camera feature to demonstrate your skills and highlights on social media and get ready to be seen.

Football Gamified

INSAIT JOY awards you EXP Points for each practice to grow your in-app Levels, unlock achievements and top the Leaderboards while you strive to hit the best. Each drill is like a video game tollgate. Maintain your training streak and complete every drill with a 3-star rating to level up faster – just like how you did in video games.


See how you compare against other players in your community or around the world on the Leaderboards. Get a chance to be recognised for your hard work.

  • Step 1 Connect

    Bounce to wake up your INSAIT JOY Smart Football and connect it to your phone.

  • Step 2 Train

    Select a drill and training modes (30s/60s/Freestyle) and start your session. Enable V-log mode to allow your friends or family to record your fancy skills!

  • Step 3 Feedback

    Get immediate feedback of your results, stats and fluency scores. View, share and compare your stats with others.

For other information and frequently asked questions, please visit our Support page.


What is INSAIT JOY Smart Football and how does it work?

A real “Smart” football for kids that seek to improve their football technical skills in a fun way. INSAIT JOY integrates sensor technology and AI-powered algorithm to track ball movements, while the ball is designed and made with high-quality, durable materials that make it suitable for practices or games.

INSAIT JOY Smart Football can be connected to the INSAIT JOY app that comes with practical drills and real-time feedback to help improve your footwork and ball control.

What are the drills included in the INSAIT JOY app?

Toe taps, hat dance, tic-toc, roll taps, pull inside push, pull lace push, inside foot push, full instep push, juggle, pull a vee 1 and 2, back side chop, back vee, and more to come in the future!

All drills are designed with the aim to improve your ball control and build up your footwork speed and accuracy, in order to form a good connection with the ball and outstand yourself from others!

What does INSAIT JOY Smart Football measure?

INSAIT JOY measures your results in real-time with live feedback on your fluency, frequency, and drops in juggling. Each session is rated from 1 star to 3 stars based on your performance and awards you EXP Points accordingly to grow your in-app levels and more!

What device do I need?

Simply the INSAIT JOY Smart Football, the wireless charger and INSAIT JOY app, you’ll have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

The INSAIT JOY app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. No need to cast on TV, nor set up your mobile phone cameras to track the ball. The embedded sensors will track and communicate with the app automatically.

Do I need to pay any subscription fees to use the INSAIT JOY app?

Certainly no! The INSAIT JOY app is available on App Store and Google Play and free of charge.

What size should I buy?

INSAIT JOY Smart Football comes in 2 sizes:

Standard Size 4 is about 63.5-66cm in circumference and weighs between 350-390g. It is more recommended for children at 12 years old and under, as it is smaller in the size and weight so easier for children to manipulate the ball without pushing their ankles and legs to the limits.

Standard Size 5 is about 68-70cm in circumference and weighs between 420-450g. It is the standard full-size option used by adult professional leagues, clubs and teams across the world and more recommended for players over 12 years old.

Where can I buy INSAIT JOY Smart Football?

Please visit our shop page to view all product details and shipment availabilities. You can also buy INSAIT JOY products from our official distributors. If you are not sure where to buy, please email us or leave a message.