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Insait Joy Smart football

Insait Joy Smart football

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Track Your Game Like a PRO with

INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards

INSAIT JOY is a state-of-the-art football wearable tech that empowers you to track and analyse your football performance metrics. Join thousands of players now to keep track of your improvements over time, to level up your matchday performance like in a video game, and to make yourself fitter, faster and better than ever before.  

  • INSAIT JOY comes with a pair of ultra-light (4 grams), AI-powered trackers that measure and process 100 data points per second to record your session data with up to 8 hours battery life.

  • The trackers are weather-resistant and Bluetooth enabled, with internal storage capacity allowing you to easily sync data with INSAIT JOY app after your session.

  • Seamlessly insert your trackers into smart shin guards (60 grams) that deliver maximum impact absorption and comfort, meanwhile leaving you to focus on the game without a feeling of any foreign objects.

  • Step 1 Insert

    Turn on and insert trackers into Smart Shin Guards.

  • Step 2 Play

    Start playing. Smart Shin Guards will automatically record your data.

  • Step 3 Sync

    Turn on Bluetooth of your phone. Go to INSAIT JOY app to sync your session data. View, share and compare your stats with others.

Performance Insights

Get an insight of your game with 16 key metrics that reflect your performance in Speed, Acceleration, Stamina, Power and Foot Balance. INSAIT JOY provides you with objective and immediate feedbacks, allowing you to understand your strength and weakness to maximise your future development.

Player Ratings

Get your own FIFA-like Player Rating cards that summarises your performance in easy-to-understand scores. Enhance your Player Ratings with your skills, hard work and discipline to showcase your progress to the world.

Level Up

INSAIT JOY awards you EXP Points for each session to grow your in-app Levels and top the Leaderboards while you strive to hit the best. Maintain your week-by-week football streak to earn Bonus Points and level up faster – just like how you did in video games.


See how you compare against other players in your community or around the world on the Leaderboards. Get a chance to be recognised for your hard work.

Team Up

Team Up with your friends or teammates. Get notified for an upcoming event or competition. Play together and compete stats afterwards with your Max Speed, Distance Covered, Power, Sprints, Foot Balance and more. Will you stand out as the Player of the Match?


Build up your personal Player Profile with various achievements that demonstrates your unique style of play. Unlock milestones or titles to keep a digitalised record of your football journey.


Visualise your data trends to track your improvements over time. Challenge yourself with regular benchmarking to improve your performance in training and matches.

Football Connected

Share your digitalised highlights and joyful moments with friends and family via social media to illustrate your progress and get ready to be seen.

INSAIT JOY Team Edition – Coming Soon

Keep track of your team performance with one single app that syncs all INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards from your team. Access advanced coaching dashboards including trends, analysis and more to develop your players with tangible and data-driven feedbacks. Stay tuned!

For other information and frequently asked questions, please visit our Support page.  


What is INSAIT JOY and how does it work?

INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards look totally the same as some fine quality shin guards in the market – except a pair of ultra-light trackers fully inserted into the shin guards. The product can be used in both matches and training sessions.

INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards analyse your performance by tracking all movements across 16 key metrics during a game or a training session. Data is stored and can be synced to your smartphone where you can view full analysis in the INSAIT JOY app.

The INSAIT JOY app keeps track of your progress over time. Meanwhile, it offers unparalleled gamified content and experience to help you maintain a constant training streak and level up your performance – just like how you did in some video games.

What does INSAIT JOY measure?

INSAIT JOY measures 16 key metrics that reflects your performance in Speed, Acceleration, Stamina, Power and Foot Balance, including:

Total Distance, Distance Per Minute, High-speed Distance, Sprint Distance, Total Steps, Calorie, Max Speed, Total Sprints, Total High-speed Runs, Max Acceleration, Max Jump, Total Jumps, Total Sharp Turns, Use of Left Foot, Use of Right Foot, Max Kicking Power.

What device do I need?

From the trackers to the INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards all the way through to the charging cables and INSAIT JOY app, you’ll have everything you need to take your game to the next level. The INSAIT JOY app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

What makes INSAIT JOY different from other wearables in the market?

GPS devices are normally worn at the back with tight, uncomfortable vest, and works only outdoor. Meanwhile, other wearables – such as smart watches or foot trackers – may bother you or pose injury risk on you/opponents while you play.

Unlike them, INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards are designed to make you (or opponents) feel nothing at all other than a pair of shin guards. INSAIT JOY protects you from injuries and impacts, meanwhile measuring technical and physical metrics both indoor and outdoor and produces a more detailed analysis. The trackers are 100% inserted so that you can enjoy the game while it won’t give you any feel of foreign objects.

Can I buy and swap to other shin guard looks in the future?

Yes. From time to time, we may release new shin guard looks or styles, such as new size options or special designs. The trackers are designed to be removable from the shin guards, meaning in the future you can simply buy a new pair of our shin guards and use them immediately. Just sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop!

Where can I buy INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards?

Please visit our shop page to view all product details and shipment availabilities. You can also buy INSAIT JOY products from our official distributors. If you are not sure where to buy, please email us or leave a message.